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Protecting Your Children From Online Porn Just Got Harder

January 28, 2013


I respect Twitter’s stance on censorship but it doesn’t make life any easier for parents:

The new video-sharing app launched by Twitter is running into some upstart problems as it is being filled with sexually-explicit content.

The ease and lack of restrictions on the service, called Vine, allows for racy users to spread porn quickly.

Like with Twitter, users are able to search the platform by hashtags, so technology commentors began realizing the problem when a quick run of the term porn- or a vast array of more specific sexual tags- immediately produces a host of dirty videos.

This new facet of the service strikes at a potentially perilous point for the company, as they are known to be very firm believers in the freedom of the users.

As pointed out by Tech Crunch, Twitter administrators are known for their censorship-free stance and only budge when it is a question of legality.

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