This New Craze Proves that Adults are Just Bigger Versions of Children


I never really liked the planking craze. It was silly rather than entertaining or especially creative. Baguetting on the other hand, seems like quite a bit of harmless fun:

First there was planking and then breaded cats. Now the latest internet photo craze: Baguetting.

As a Frenchman might say, this is baguetting to be ridiculous.

A group of celebrities and comedians have launched a unique internet craze of posting pictures of themselves creatively posing with baguettes in their everyday life.

Supplementing the loafs of bread for everyday objects – and in some cases body parts – the stick of bread makes appearances in the personal lives of Star Trek actor George Takei, Bridesmaids’ actress Ellie Kemper, and actress Marcia Gay Harden among dozens of others.









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