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Teachers Who Bully Students Make Me Sick

February 15, 2015


I hate seeing children bullied, especially by their teachers:

A bullied student frequently picked on by students was victimized by the one person expected to help him in those situations – his teacher.

Stephen Davis, 15, a freshman at Streamwood High School in Illinois, watched in horror as a cartoon-like sketch with buck teeth, hairy ears, bloodshot eyes, tentacles, a scar and a runny nose was labeled as ‘Stephen’s ugly ass’ by a substitute teacher, who did this in front of his entire math class.

Davis, who weighs 330 pounds, recorded the entire incident on his phone, leaving no doubt as to what the teacher did. 

‘I was literally livid and embarrassed,’ he told the Daily Herald in an interview.

‘Everyone was standing there pointing at me, laughing, (while) I’m on the verge of tears.’

CBS Chicago also reports that Stephen is a special needs student. 

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