If We Cannot Offer Teachers Performance Pay, Then Let’s Scrap Best Teacher Awards



I am one of the few teachers who isn’t afraid of promoting the concept of performance pay. Those that are against the idea claim that it is too difficult to properly assess a teacher’s effectiveness because such an evaluation is deeply subjective. If that is the case, then why is there almost universal support for giving teachers awards?

Here is yet another example (I have covered countless other cases) of a teacher winning a prestigious award, only to be exposed as a total fraud:


A WOMAN who won her school’s ‘best teacher’ award has been arrested for allegedly having sex with a teenage student.

US high school teacher Elizabeth Scroggs, 32, was charged with sexual assault after a “sexual relationship” was uncovered between the teacher and an 18-year-old male student the Whitfield County police department said.

The relationship, which reportedly occurred just last month, was discovered by police after an anonymous phone call.

The student is believed to be a willing participant, but was charged under laws prohibiting people with supervisory or disciplinary powers over another to have a sexual relationship with that person.

Scroggs was arrested and is being held at the Whitfield County jail in Georgia.

The popular teacher began her career in 2006 and had been teaching at Coahulla Creek High School since 2010.

She was a three-time nominee for a local teaching award, the Dalton Daily Citizen reports, and in 2010 won the county’s ‘Best of the Best’ award.

Superintendent for Whitfield County Schools Judy Gilreath said she was “shocked”.

“The teacher has a good reputation, has a good report with the students and was well thought of at the school,” she said.

“We don’t deal with this type of situation very often, if ever.”

Ms Scoggs is due to appear and could face jail time.

She has been suspended from all teaching duties.


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2 Responses to “If We Cannot Offer Teachers Performance Pay, Then Let’s Scrap Best Teacher Awards”

  1. fungalspore Says:

    Best teacher awards are a load of old tosh. I think we can get rid of all of these gongs and prizes and not lose a thing. I don’t beleive in giving children prizes, special ties, privileges and positions of honour either.

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