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Teacher Encourages Students to Plot Her Death

January 19, 2015

Patricia Lorenzen


I am a big advocate for finding new and engaging ways of teaching the same skills. Having said that, I don’t think I would go this far:


If students were going to die of boredom in an English class it wasn’t going to happen on Patricia Lorenzen’s watch.

Last November, the Maryland English teacher decided to set an unorthodox assignment asking her students to describe how they would kill her.

The story had to include at least three gerunds, three infinitives and three participles and was an attempt by Ms Lorenzen to engage students while teaching them grammar.

However, parents were not so keen on the idea and many voiced concern over the content of assignment.

It was only after she received some complaints the Ms Lorenzen realised not all the content of the stories would be PG-rated.

Ms Lorenzen ended up writing a letter to parents apologizing for setting the task.

“I was trying to create an assignment that would be an engaging way to review some grammar concepts, but it was not appropriate and should not have happened,” she wrote.

The school’s principal told The Washington Post that this is the first time the school has received complaints about Ms Lorenzen.


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