Every Science Teacher’s Worst Nightmare (Video)


This demonstration probably wont make the Science Teacher’s Handbook:


A teacher in Thailand has accidentally set his classroom alight during what appears to be an experiment with fire that goes horribly awry.

Footage uploaded to LiveLeak this week shows the male teacher flail his arms as he enthusiastically explains the experiment.

On the bench in front of him sits a small beaker of flammable liquid.

It appears he is about to run his hand through the flame when he accidentally knocks it over.

Several students in the classroom can be seen filming their clumsy instructor, almost pre-empting what will happen next.

Within seconds metres-high flames engulf the workspace and the student body lets out a collective panicked cry.

Luckily the teacher is quick to act and the fire is soon extinguished, leaving a thick cloud of smoke in its wake.

Little information is known about when the video was shot or what was the purpose of the experiment.


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