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Does ADHD Exist?

June 22, 2014



I am not qualified to make a clinical assessment about ADHD. All I know is that a startlingly high number of children are being diagnosed with the condition.

It is interesting to note that within the medical field, as prescriptions for Ritalin are skyrocketing, specialists are now more than ever, starting to speak out against the condition:


Paediatric neurologist Dr Richard Saul, based in Chicago, believes that ADHD simply ‘doesn’t exist’ and is being used as a mask for less serious problems.

Dr Saul argues that children are being misdiagnosed.

‘ADHD makes a great excuse,’ Dr Saul said in his book, ‘ADHD does not exist: The truth about Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder.’

‘The diagnosis can be an easy-to-reach-for crutch. Moreover, there’s an attractive element to an ADHD diagnosis, especially in adults – it can be exciting to think of oneself as involved in many things at once, rather than stuck in a boring rut.’

Echoing Dr Saul’s views, a group of researchers from Australia and the Netherlands said in November that the diagnosis of ADHD may have become too broad.

A wider classification of symptoms for ADHD in the psychiatric ‘bible’ used by the profession has led to a steep rise in diagnosis and prescriptions for medication, the study warned.

The group of researchers said there was now a risk of over diagnosis which could fuel scepticism about the disorder.

In addition, stretched resources may mean some seriously affected children do not get medical help, or they are undertreated.

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