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The Pitch By a Famous Boy Band to Encourage Children to Get Tattoos

March 11, 2013

Last time I checked it was highly illegal for children to get tattoos (even with parental permission). Putting aside the fact that I detest tattoos, surely this is not a respectful way to treat your devoted fan base:

ONE DIRECTION have been forced to delete a tweet and a Facebook status which asked fans to send in a video of themselves with a “1D tattoo” for a chance to appear in their new movie.

The boy band – whose members range in age from 18 to 20 – sent the message to their 13 million fans on Facebook and 10 million fans on Twitter calling for video proof of the inking.

But critics were quick to accuse One Direction of encouraging fans – who are largely made up of 10 to 16 year-olds well under the legal tattooing age of 18  – into getting permanent body art.

“Have a real 1D tattoo?” they wrote on the social networking sites, “Show us! Submit a 90 second YouTube video to and show us why you should be in the 1D3D movie! 1DHQ x.”

The social media messages were deleted shortly after a backlash, but the band’s spokesperson Simon Jones claimed the tweet was a mistake.

“This tweet was posted in error and has now been removed,” he said, “One Direction do not want to encourage any of their fans to get 1D tattoos.”

The tweet and Facebook status was replaced by a similar request today giving fans the same opportunity to appear in their movie, but this time by submitting a YouTube video of their “1D Collection”.

“Who has the biggest 1D Collection? Submit a 90sec YouTube video to – show us why you should be in the @1D3Dmovie! 1DHQ x” they wrote on Facebook and Twitter.


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10 Things Parents Don’t Understand About Their Teenage Children

July 12, 2012

I just read a very perceptive and humerous piece by Sam Koppelman about how little parents understand their teenage children:

1. Parents just don’t understand that not all teens like Justin Bieber and One Direction.

Parents, sure a ton of teens are Beliebers and Directioners (just look at how many followers they have on Twitter!), but I can assure you, there are plenty of us who aren’t exactly happy about the fact that if Biebs were our boyfriend, he would never let us go. And there are many of us who would run away if we saw five British boys chasing after us on the beach. So, to all the parents who are thinking about what to get their teens for their birthdays, ask us before buying the new Justin Bieber perfume at Macy’s.

2. Parents just don’t understand that we know they weren’t perfect in high school, either.

Parents, when you get mad at us for staying out past our curfew and going out with our friends on the weekends, stop pretending you weren’t doing the same things when you were teens. We have all seen the hair you guys tried to pull off in the ’80s. And if those weren’t “out past your curfew” boots, then I don’t know what were.

3. Parents just don’t understand that they don’t need to apologize for cursing…

Parents, as nice as it is that you guys try to protect the innocence of our ears, you really don’t have to apologize for cursing. Believe us, we’ve heard curse words before. In fact, we need curse words to get us through bad test scores and annoying classes. So, when you forget I’m in the car and curse out the driver next to you for cutting into your lane, please don’t apologize. Thanks!

4. Parents just don’t understand that we’ve heard worse than Howard Stern.

Similarly, parents, you don’t have to change the channel on the radio or the TV whenever Howard Stern comes on the screen. Right when you leave the room, we can stream his radio show or watch America’s Got Talent on the computer. No need to be martyrs. We can all enjoy Howard together.

5. Parents just don’t understand that we don’t “Twitter.” We tweet.

Parents, you would never say that we should “books.” You would say that we should “read books.” So don’t tell us to stop “twittering.” If you are going to pester us about what we do on the Internet, at least use the correct verb and tell us to “stop tweeting.”

6. Parents just don’t understand why we would want to make our photos look “old.”

Parents, we get that you might be self-conscious about aging. That’s totally normal! But seriously, when we make photos look old on Instagram or Hypstamatic, we aren’t giving ourselves wrinkles and turning our hair gray. Aging photos and aging middle-aged parents are not the same thing. We make our photos black and white because old photos look cool. Unlike old people. Unless, of course, they are named Betty White.

7. Parents just don’t understand that a movie being rated “R” won’t prevent us from going to see it.

Seriously, parents, how do you think The Hangover did so well if no teens under the age of 18 lied about how old they were on Fandango to buy tickets? As much as we like acronyms (LOL, OMG, JK) we don’t really care about what the MPAA has to say about what movies we’re allowed to see.

8. Parents just don’t understand that we find it creepy when they give us the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.

Parents, we don’t need your endorsement to look at the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. We are just as weirded out by the prospect of you thinking that we would enjoy looking at those pictures as you are by the prospect of us enjoying looking at those pictures. So please keep the Sports Illustrated with Kate Upton on the cover wherever you keep the Sports Illustrated with Lebron on the cover. Thanks.
9. Parents just don’t understand that we know what going away to “celebrate their anniversary” means.

No explanation needed. Ew.

10. Parents just don’t understand that we honestly do love them.

No matter how annoying they are or how much they don’t understand, we know how much they love us. And we love them back.


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