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A Cautionary Tale for Frustrated Teachers

June 5, 2014


As this video shows, try to resist badmouthing your students and their parents, because one day you are likely to get caught … and it won’t be pretty:


One Elyria, Ohio, mother is extremely upset about the message she received recently from her son’s kindergarten teacher.

After the Crestwood Elementary School teacher left a standard message for mother Ashley Moore, the teacher apparently thought she had hung up the phone and began bad-mouthing Moore’s son while still on the line, according to Ohio outlet WOIO-TV. The teacher’s harsh opinion of the boy was recorded on Moore’s phone.

“He has no common sense,” the teacher — who has not been identified — said in the recording. “He was 7 in May, and he’s the biggest baby in my group. She still probably wipes his butt.”

Moore told The New York Daily News that the call was supposed to deal with her son’s educational progress. The boy reportedly has ADHD, autistic tendencies and gross motor skills issues.

Moore says she has enrolled her son in a new school. “He’s afraid,” she told WOIO. “He does not want to go back to her [the teacher].”

In response to the incident, the director of communications for Elyria City Schools released the following statement, per the Daily News:

Her actions certainly don’t represent the district’s philosophy or the partnerships we have with our parents. We know that individuals can become frustrated but there is no excuse for what occurred and the comments this teacher made.

Superintendent Paul Rigda also told the outlet: “This certainly isn’t how we expect our teachers to behave. … At the same time we understand that they are human. They do have their emotions and opinions and they can vent at the end of the year. I get it, but she crossed a line.”


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Law Requiring Schools to Weigh Students Must Be Repealed

October 24, 2011

You have got to be kidding me!  How can so-called intelligent adults pass a law so downright cruel?  Sometimes I think adults take advantage of the resilience of children.  They think they can impose great humiliation on poor, naive children, without any long-term cost.

Well I have news for you – children, like adults, don’t like being made to feel ugly, different or unworthy.  So why on earth would you pass a law that mandates schools to weigh children so that their weight can be compared with others?

A state law requiring schools to measure a child’s height and weight to find out how they stack up against their peers has generated plenty of controversy, but not a lot of local participation.

School officials say the law’s aim to combat childhood obesity is a worthy cause, but its approach is questionable.

The law measures body mass index, which is calculated from height and weight and given as a percentile. It’s generally a snapshot of a person’s overall body fat, but many argue it doesn’t take into account individual body types or other health risks.

Schools are required to take those measurements for students in kindergarten, third, fifth and ninth grades, then report that data to the Ohio Department of Health and mail the results to parents.

State education officials say similar health screenings, such as hearing and vision tests, have been done for many years with the results kept private.

What if the law was to include Ohio politicians?  What if they were forced to step on the scale in front of their peers and were measured for all to see?

Yes, privacy might be assured, but children aren’t stupid.  They know why they are being measured, and the humiliation of the procedure will not be lost on the overweight.

This plan is doomed to failure.

My wish, as idealistic as it sounds, is to make our children comfortable with who they are, regardless of their weight.  Whilst I strongly advocate educating children about healthy eating choices and encouraging active lifestyles, I am even more concerned about the inner wellbeing of the child.  To me, the tragedy is not that there are obese children, but that there are children who feel unworthy, ugly and hopeless because of their weight.

It’s time to get rid of the scales and let our children know that their worth is not the sum total of what they weigh, but rather, who they are and how they treat others.

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