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What’s Next? A No Breathing Rule?

November 1, 2012

Let’s examine the hopelessly inept WA Education Department policy on hugging. They have decided to impose a zero tolerance “no hugging rule” for the following two reasons:

1. Some children in the past had been left bruised from a hugging encounter;

2. Some children felt left out.

Firstly, a hug does not lead to a bruise. A bruise comes about from an unruly rough act. Any child who is recklessly rough should be punished according regardless if they were hugging, squeezing, punching or kicking. This consequence should not disqualify genuine “huggers” from showing their affection.

And secondly, a hug is merely a symbol of admiration and friendship. It is not the difference between an inclusive and exclusive school environment. Whilst schools may try to ban outward expressions of friendship, it will never stop marginalised children from feeling left out or isolated. Just because the outward expression of friendship is banned does not change the way a child perceives another child.

Now let’s examine the consequences for contravening this nonsensical, knee-jerk reaction of a policy. A detention is given. That’s right, the child is kept out of class the outrageous act of hugging a friend. This could be the first time in history that a school could be forced to close down because its students were sent from the classroom on mass for showing an appreciation for one another.

Think about it. The child that punches another in the face is given the same punishment as the child who hugs her friend.

They say that school represents a microcosm of society. That was once true, but society is now well and truly a far more friendly and free place to be in.

A MOTHER in Western Australia is demanding an apology from her kids’ school after her 12-year-old daughter was given a detention for hugging a classmate.

Heidi Rome’s daughter Amber was punished at the Adam Road Primary School in Bunbury for giving her friend a quick hug after the school bell rang.

Apparently that violated the school’s no-hugging policy, a “blanket rule” which was brought in last year.

The WA Education Department today confirmed the school’s policy. It was introduced after “excessive hugging” left some students with bruises and others feeling left out.

A teacher told Ms Rome she had to make example of Amber and her friend, who were “caught” hugging just hours after a school address on the ban.

Ms Rome is angry her daughter, a high achiever and a “bright, caring person who her teacher thinks highly of” has become a victim of a “silly, ridiculous rule”.

Hug away children, hug away!


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