Mum Taken to Court for Letting Son Miss School to Attend Her Wedding

What a ridiculous waste of the courts time. Fining parents for truancy is bad enough, but opposing a parent from letting her own child attend her wedding is just insane!

A mother who took her son out of school so he could give her away at her Caribbean wedding has been taken to court by her local council.

Frances White, of Marple near Stockport, is due to appear before magistrates next week after refusing to pay a town hall fine for her son Harrison’s 11-day absence.

Ms White, 31, said she first asked for time off for her 13-year-old son more than a year ago – so he could attend her wedding to fiance Nick Harden in St Lucia.

Despite several pleas, her request was refused by Marple Hall School.She took Harrison anyway, and was then hit with a £50 fine by the council, which she has refused to pay on principle. She has now been summoned to court with the fine standing at £100.

Ms White said: ‘It is ridiculous. I can understand why these rules are needed for people who abuse the system, but this was a one-off in exceptional circumstances – it was our wedding day.


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