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The Pressure to be a Perfect Parent

August 6, 2012

There has never been greater pressure on parents to be perfect than there is today. Mothers, in particular, struggle with judgmental comments and unhelpful stigmas. It should not come as a surprise that parents have resorted to lying in order to seem more in control than they are:

A study found new mothers are under increasing pressure due to children waking up in the night, meaning they are not getting enough sleep.

However, parents are lying about their children’s disrupted sleep patterns, fearing it will make them look like bad parents.

A fifth of those who admit lying about it pretend their child is sleeping through the night, the survey by Netmums found.

Parents also frequently cover up how badly they were coping with sleep deprivation – 62 per cent of the third who lied, and one in 50 mums and dads are so desperate for sleep they have hired a specialist to help them – costing £1,000 a week.

The Netmums report showed a quarter of all UK kids wake up before 6.30am everyday – meaning their parents never get enough sleep.

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