Insensitive ‘Parent Bashers’ Take Aim at Grieving Colorado Parents

It is absolutely disgusting to criticise the judgement of the Colorado parents who took their children to the midnight screening of the new Batman movie. How dare they even broach the topic of whether or not children should be up at that time. This is none of their business!

These grieving parents don’t need any more guilt on top of what they are already going through:

Facebook and Twitter have been blowing up the social boards with tweets and posts on the horrific event that took place Friday morning. The social media world is swirling with comments on the children that were at the midnight screening of WB’s The Dark Knight Rises.

Although most have agreed that this massacre could have happened during normal daylight hours as it did at midnight, it does bring to light parental judgments overall. Questions as to why parents would take their children to see a movie at the wee hours of the night, have arisen.

Many others have argued that now is not the time to discuss this issue. But to mimic CNN’s Pierce Morgan: now is the perfect time to expose this because it was due long before yesterday.

Wrong! Now is not the time to be discussing such issues. This topic should never be addressed. It’s time for people to mind their own business!

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14 Responses to “Insensitive ‘Parent Bashers’ Take Aim at Grieving Colorado Parents”

  1. Margaret Reyes Dempsey Says:

    Just another opportunity for insecure, small-minded people to experience their five minutes of superiority. Sad.

    I’m all for regular bed times and kids getting the right amount of sleep for them. However, there are special moments in life. Attending a midnight movie, when that is not the norm, is a memory that will last a lifetime. People need to lighten up. Maybe if there were less judgment and more kindness in the world, we wouldn’t have these horrific episodes.

    • Michael G. Says:

      Couldn’t agree more!

    • Michelle Says:

      You are an absolute idiot—a special treat are u for real?A special treat would be an ice cream!! Traipsing out lil kids at midnight is and should b classified as child abuse u moron

      • Michael G. Says:

        Michelle, child abuse isn’t the only form of abuse.

      • Richard Says:

        Only in Oliver Twist is an ice cream a special treat. And only a particularly abnormal kid would need to be ‘traipsed’ out to see a midnight screening of a Batman movie.

        ‘Awww, Mom. Do I have to stay up late to see the new Batman movie before all my friends see it? I just wanna do my homework and go to bed early. Waaaaa!’

        Give me a break.

  2. Michelle Says:

    I can judge who the hell I want!!! BAD PARENTING. Has consequences and I am sick and tired of hearing about stupid effing parents accidentally leaving their kid a chuck e cheese or in a car or friggen well taking little children out at effen midnight!!!!! So screw you!!!

  3. Michelle Says:

    Your attitude is exactly why this generation of kids are the rudest most obnoxious bunch of little snorts there ever was!! Thank God my Son who is 8 still thinks an ice cream is still a treat!! It’s the small things like an ice cream with mom or Dad at the park that kids will remember not the biggest best toy or being out at midnight! Bad parenting has consequences you fool whether it’s having your child killed at a movie or raising little brats that are demanding spoiled little monsters that want to do everything adults do.No wonder the USA produces more serial killers and mass murderers, not to mention the highest teen pregnancy rate in the world.Great parenting America—— NOT

    • Michael G. Says:

      Are you saying that any parent “bad” enough to let their children attend a midnight screening deserves the consequences that come with that – even if it’s “having your child killed at a movie”? If so, that is incredibly insensitive and completely unacceptable!

      I am not sure you are in a position to comment on the rudeness and obnoxious habits of our kids.

      • Michelle Says:

        Yes that is exactly what I am saying!!!

      • Michelle Says:

        And yes I am in a position to judge your children and the rudeness because it is in the public such as shopping centers, movies restaurants that these lil monsters are acting up and you as parents just let it happen! Oh look at little Suzy screaming and yelling and disturbing people as they eat, isn’t she cute! No, no she is not she is a brat because of parents just like you.

      • Michael G. Says:

        Interested to know what insights you have about my parenting style.

    • Richard Says:

      So far, you’ve called one contributor here an idiot and a moron, you’ve called me a fool and you’ve screamed ‘screw you’ to another. Simply for having a different opinion to you. And you want to talk about why our kids are rude and obnoxious? I think we have the answer right here. Is this the example you set for your son?

      • Michelle Says:

        I am just so angry as I work in child welfare and see cases that would blow your mind.people need to rise up to their responsibilities as parents and realize this is not acceptable. Those parents should be charged with child neglect. I read an article that movie theatres are soon going to ban admittance to parents with children under the age of 13 who are stupid enough to take their kids to midnight movies.Good on them!!! So obviously I am not the only one who sees this as wrong as so many people have demanded change that they are going to do something about it!!

      • Michael G. Says:

        Make sure that your employer doesn’t read this thread. I can’t imagine it’s a good look for a child welfare officer to be espousing such views in the public domain.

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