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Kids Can Operate an iPad but Can’t Tie their Shoelaces

January 27, 2014



Adults that marvel at how confidently kids can navigate the web or use the iPad should consider holding off their applause.  It seems that our tech savvy kids have let some fundamental skills go to the wayside whilst perfecting their technological prowess.

Kids in my generation knew how to fold, make the bed, wash and dry dishes properly (yes, both sides of the plate!) and of course, we quickly developed skills in tying our shoelaces.

But the same doesn’t apply to the kids of today:

TECHNO KIDS can use iPads but increasing numbers of children are unable to tie their shoelaces in time for the first day of school.

Shoe retailers and experts have revealed children as old as 10 were yet to learn the skill and opting for the easier velcro option.

“We notice more and more that younger kids can’t manage the laces as early on anymore,” Sophie McLellan, podiatrist and co-owner of Little Big Shoes at Kenmore, told The Courier-Mail.

“Certainly there are more and more kids wanting velcro and not laces. Usually when kids enter Grade One most schools want them in a lace-up shoe. However we’re finding lots of kids in Prep, (grade) One, Two, even going into Grade Three are still having trouble with laces.


Perhaps they should develop an app that teaches kids how to tie their laces … and clean the dishes … both sides.


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