Study Claims that Being Attractive can give you Better Grades


Does anyone actually believe this happens?

Not being attractive as a teenager may have consequences far more reaching than a bruised ego and scribing the occasional bad poem.

A new study suggests that a pretty face can be a source of lifelong advantage – beginning at secondary school – according to a report prepared for the Council on Contemporary Families.

The report, ‘In School, Good Looks Help and Good Looks Hurt (But They Mostly Help)’ says that from high school onwards, people rate better-looking people higher in intelligence, personality, and potential for success — and this often creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The sociologists behind the study, Rachel Gordon (University of Illinois at Chicago) and Robert Crosnoe (University of Texas at Austin) also say women gain an eight per cent wage bonus for above-average looks and pay a four per cent wage penalty for below-average looks.

For men, the bonus is only four per cent. But the penalty for below-average looks is even higher than for women – a full 13 per cent.

Gordon and Crosnoe argue that ‘lookism’ creates inequalities comparable to those created by racism, sexism, and family background.

They wrote: ‘(In high school) youth rated as better looking get higher grades and are more likely to attain a college degree than their peers, setting the stage for better economic outcomes through adulthood.


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