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A Case of Parenting at It’s Worst

November 17, 2012


I don’t believe in criticising parents. Parenting is a mighty job and no parent is perfect. This parent though, is much less than perfect and worthy of making an exception for. She must accept all the negative exposure she’s got coming her way:

A traumatised school boy has branded his mother evil after she tricked him into believing he was seriously ill with cancer.

Emma La Garde, 37, was jailed this week for three years and nine months for banking more than £85,000 in benefits by abusing her adoring son.

‘I don’t like her,’ her son, 10, said of her wicked scam.

‘She is evil. I don’t think she has a normal brain. I didn’t really understand what was happening.

‘I don’t miss her any more. I did wonder why she picked on me. I have spoken with Dad about it loads, and it must have been because of my age.’

According to the Daily Mirror, the young boy said of his horrific ordeal: ‘It was horrible being made to think I had cancer. My mum made me think I was going to die.

‘I asked her to tell me why she did it but she wouldn’t say.

‘I said to my mum: ‘Why did you pick on me? Why did you lie and say I’d got cancer when I was all right?

‘She made me miss out on all the fun. I would have loved to go down the park and play tag and football with all the other kids. But my mum made me stay home to rest.

‘I felt like I’d been singled out. I didn’t want to be different. But she made people treat me like I was different. She wouldn’t let be a normal kid.’

The school boy revealed that he now plays football and hockey and is in the school play.

La Garde’s husband, 38, told the Daily Mirror he still finds it hard to believe she duped him for so long.

‘I’m not angry with Emma and I feel no love or hatred towards her. I find it strange but I have no feelings for her.

‘I think she did it for greed, to live a life of luxury. I think it was pure vanity.’

To their neighbours, they were a typical middle-class family: mum, dad and their three polite, well turned-out children. Home was a four-bedroom detached house with stunning views of the Gloucestershire countryside, and the family drove a shiny new car.

Though there was no obvious source of household income (dad had apparently lost his job in the recession), that didn’t stop them from going on expensive holidays and enjoying frequent weekends away.

The only fly in the ointment was the precarious health of the family’s eldest son. Though to the casual observer the boy seemed to be bouncing with energy, it became painfully obvious that something was badly wrong when he lost his hair and eyebrows.

Generally, the family tended to shy away from social contact, but now his mother — uncharacteristically open for once — tearfully informed neighbours that the boy had cancer.

And when a wheelchair was spotted being hauled into the house, it was clear that he had taken a turn for the worse.

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