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The People Who “Liked” This Should be Struck Off Facebook

March 23, 2013


Aside from the fact that this material should never have found its way onto Facebook in the first place (where posting innocent pictures of breast feeding can get you banned), what kind of sick individual would press “like” to a video containing a girl being sexually abused?

Facebook has sparked fury after a graphic child abuse video went viral on the social network, reportedly being ‘shared’ over 16,000 times.

Thousands of users logged onto their accounts last night to find the horrifying footage appear on their personal news feed and instantly took to Twitter to vent their disgust.

According to users who saw the clip, apparently of a young girl being abused by a grown man, it had already been shared over 16,000 times and received almost 4,000 ‘likes’.

Even more disturbingly, users then began uploading and sharing screen grabs of the video on Twitter in an apparent bid to alert fellow Twitterati of the horrifying content.

Of course the people that “shared” this video are even worse. They should get the same treatment from the law as any other who disseminates child porn on the web.


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