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Kids as Young as 7 Diagnosed with Anorexia

May 27, 2014




I think all teachers should be trained to see the signs and implored to report any student behaviour which may lead to anorexia:


AUSTRALIA’S obsession with obesity is feeding deadly eating disorders which are claiming victims as young as 7, including an increasing number of boys.

Experts told a national eating disorders conference on the Gold Coast yesterday of a “toxic culture” of body image which is causing huge physical, psychological and financial harm.

Obsessive dieting was costing lives and almost $70 billion a year in health and productivity expenses, the Eating Disorders and Obesity Conference staged by the Australian and NZ Mental Health Association heard.

Christine Morgan, CEO of l eating disorders charity The Butterfly Foundation, said Australian children as young as seven were being hospitalised for anorexia nervosa and bulimia.



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School Weigh-ins Are an Insult Rather Than a Solution

August 27, 2012


I hate the idea of school weigh-ins. Intended as a wake-up call to parents that changes need to be made to the way they look after their overweight children, this method will cause an enormous amount of embarrassment for children. I could think of nothing more humiliating for a young child struggling with body image issues than to be weighed at school.

Researchers in Victoria have called for compulsory weigh-ins for school children as part of the fight against obesity.

The Deakin University research, published in the journal Pediatric Obesity, calls for all young students to be weighed regularly at school to help collect official data and to confront parents about the health of their children.

The research also calls for an opt-out program to encourage high participation rates.

How would teachers like to be weighed?

What about politicians? There are plenty of rotund politicians around.

What? You don’t want to be weighed? Why not? It’s embarrassing?

Precisely my point!


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