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Athletes Can Set a Better Example for Our Kids

January 22, 2014



I don’t buy into the expectation that all athletes have a duty to be role models for their fans. I think ideally every person, from every walk of life, should try to be a role model. There is no reason why athletes should be more responsible for their behaviour than anyone else.

But surely, the least they can do is show some humility and sportsmanship. I’m not asking for a perfect personal life or abstinence from alcohol, just the very basic adherence to mature civilized conduct on their field of play.

I accept that when you are young, have too much downtime and are idolised and hounded by fans, you are likely to find it hard to forever make the right decisions. But there is no excuse for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Below are two examples of behaviours that our kids really shouldn’t be exposed to:



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Who Would Want This Athlete Representing Their Country?

July 3, 2012

27-year-old athlete Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad from France had just won gold in the European Championship’s 3000 metre steeplechase in Helsinki on Sunday. Guess what he did next?

a. Congratulate his opponents

b. Acknowledge the crowd.

c. Burst into tears of joy.

d. Walk over to the 14-year old championship mascot, smack a gift bag out of her hands and push her.

I’m afraid that if you answered a, b or c you are incorrect. It probably wouldn’t surprise you that it’s not the first time he has picked on a mascot.

Disgraceful behaviour! I hate to think how he would have acted had he lost the race.

I wouldn’t want him competing for my country.

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