Inspiring Kids who Look After a Sick Parent

At a time when kids are accused of being ungrateful and selfish it is heartening to be reminded of cases where young children sacrifice their own needs to look after a sick parent:

AT an age when most boys are juggling sports with homework, 14-year-old Lachlan Bailey-Yates spends his spare time caring for his sick mum.

Lachlan’s story is one of inspiration.

His mother was diagnosed when he was just 13 and starting his first year of high school.

“I am a single mother,” Ms Bailey-Yates said.

“Lachlan and I are very close. Telling him I had a very serious illness was the hardest thing I have done,” she said.

The 46-year-old was diagnosed last August and had a double mastectomy to remove a large tumour under her breast.

“I would come home from hospital to a beautiful dinner of chicken nuggets and mashed potato,” she laughed.

“I just think, ‘How lucky am I?’ “

She is still recovering from the disease and needs to travel to Newcastle’s Mater Hospital every fortnight.

“I have had to rely on friends and people in the community to help out,” she said.

“At Christmas Lachlan told me he didn’t want any presents. He just wanted to be with me. What a beautiful thing for a child to say.”

Lachlan said caring for his mum comes naturally.

“I help out because I love my mum and I want to make things a bit easier for her,” he said simply.

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