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Nobody’s a Nobody: An Original Poem

January 20, 2020



NOBODY’S A NOBODY by Michael Grossman

I used to be so popular,

When I was back at school.

The teacher’s used to love me.

The kids thought I was cool.


I used to be so pretty,

And very good at sport.

Used to think I was quite special,

Or at least that’s what I thought.


I used to hang with cool girls

Who knew the latest trends.

Everyone looked up to us,

And wanted to be friends.


So many kids we just ignored

I regret it in a way,

They may have seemed like nerds back then,

But look at them today.


I remember this one girl,

Big Stella Green

With these ugly, awkward glasses

And a huge nose in between.


We used to tease and tease her,

Before and after school.

Once old Tommy McNoughton

Shoved her in the abandoned pool.


If only he would have known

That later, in a time of strife,

Stella Green would operate on his fiance,

And all but save her life.


What about Kayoko Kishimoto?

Our only Japanese student.

She was brilliant at science,

But at English – not so fluent.


We would never come and talk to her.

No one would even try.

They just left her all alone,

Supposing she was shy.


Did she end up learning English?

Well, what can you say

About the winner of an Oscar,

For Best Original Screenplay.


There was Dante Ferretti,

Who was the ‘school geek’,

With his great boofy hair,

And pimples for each cheek.


So tired of getting abused

And so embarrassed with his looks,

He used to hide his spotty face,

Inside a range of different books.


Who would have thought

That this reserved, avid reader,

Would go on to become

Our new State Opposition Leader?


Everyone used to fear

Max Stockwell “The Freak”.

Rumour had it he ate live snails,

And showered once a week.


The girls thought he was mad,

The boys thought he was weird.

He’d come walking through a corridor,

And the corridor all but cleared.


I hear he’s no longer weird,

And no longer is he ‘mad’;

Instead, he’s changing nappies

As a loving, stay-home dad.


I was never better than them.

I used to be so lame.

If I only understood,

That we are all the same.


I used to be “cool”,

But never was I happy,

Until the day I realised




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