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Kids Deserve Some Credit for their Dietry Choices

September 5, 2012


There is a misnomer that children today eat worse today than than ever before. This is not my experience.

For starters, in my day it was unheard of for children to be drinking water of their own volition. It was always juice or soft drink. Water was for post sport hydration only. Children today happily drink water. My students are forever filling up their drink bottles. In my day drink bottles were for fitting on your bicycles for long rides in the summer time.

I only seldomly ate vegetables on their own. My vegies needed to be cooked, flavoured and magically reinvented before I would eat them. The thought of opening my lunch box and finding a container full of celery sticks was not something I wished to contemplate. Children today are only too happy to snack on carrot sticks and apple pieces. If you put a fruit and vegetable tray in front of 10-years-olds, you’d better have another tray in reserve. They would finish the contents in no time.

The key difference between then and know is exercise. I played on the street with my neighbours after school. My parents didn’t need to supervise. In those days kids were allowed to play outside without it being seen as dangerous or an example of poor parenting.

School cafeteria regulations and lunch policies can be extremely inflexible on our children. Sometimes I look at the example of our generation and wonder if we are not a bunch of hypocrites. Whilst teachers and office workers leave the premises to get a fast food option for lunch, children are left to eat food our generation would of refused to eat.

Whilst our kids are making the progress, many of us continue to indulge. Take this silly article for example:

Could you consume a giant burger comprising three beef patties, six bacon rashers, six slices of cheese and pulled pork in just 10 minutes?

This is exactly what one restaurant in London is challenging its diners to do.

At eight inches high, this gigantic burger is a real contender for the title of the UK’s tallest burger.

Weighing in with a gut-busting 3,000 calories – more than an entire daily intake of calories for a man – the burger is being sold as part of an eating challenge at the at the Red Dog Saloon in Hoxton.

To take part in the challenge, contestants in the Devastator Burge Challenge must eat the entire burger, with accompanying fries and milkshake in under ten minutes.

Those who manage to defeat the burger earn their photo on the wall of fame behind the restaurant’s bar area.

Not surprisingly, the challenge has taken down many of those who dare to take it on – just 5 per cent of people who attempted it have succeeded. Incredibly, one challenger managed to complete the entire meal in just six minutes.

There is no doubt that our children could improve their diet choices and become a lot more active. But considering the role-models we have out there, our kids are doing far better than the media has us believe.

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Teacher Publicly Humiliates Kissing Teens

March 13, 2012

It’s bad enough this teacher made a shocking spur of the moment decision to break up a school corridor kiss between teen students by dousing them with a bucket of water. To then go on Facebook to justify it and call for the support of others is just horrible. Surely the teacher in question has enough sense to see that the punishment did not in any way match the crime. Public humiliation is a very serious offence.

Suspending this teacher was certainly an appropriate course of action:

A US teacher has been suspended after throwing a bucket of water on two students he thought were kissing and hugging in a school corridor.

The unnamed teacher was unapologetic despite being placed on administrative leave by John Overton High School in Nashville while the incident is being investigated, WKRN-TV reported.

The teacher reportedly posted afterwards on Facebook that his actions “seemed to work”.

“Got in trouble at school today,” he wrote.

“Threw a bucket of water on two kids hooking in the hallway of the high school where I plan to send my oldest daughter next year.

“It seemed to work and they stopped. Keep me in your prayers peeps.”

A mother of one of the students told WKRN-TV that there was no excuse for the teacher’s treatment of her 16-year-old son and his 17-year-old girlfriend.

Maggie Tiefenthal said her teenage son, who she claims was only hugging his girlfriend, was “embarrassed and upset” after the incident.

“They are not dogs. That is what you do to dogs and they are not animals,” she said.

Ms Tiefenthal said the principal had seen CCTV footage of the incident, but she had yet to see it.

“The administrator said based on the video, the kids did nothing inappropriate,” she told WKRN-TV.

Ms Tiefenthal said the girl’s parents were also upset by the incident.

She added that the teacher’s Facebook post had only made it worse.

School spokeswoman Olivia Brown said that the school had never had problems with the teacher before and he had a “good standing”.

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