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Tips for Catering for the Visual Learner

July 31, 2013




One of the most frustrating trends in education is the lack of support given to visual learners. Whilst visual learners constitute over 60% of the student population, many are mistakenly thought of as developmentally slow or suffering from a learning difficulty. The truth is, many teachers either have little idea how to cater for a visual learner or simply find it difficult to adequately accommodate them.

Below are some tips that may prove useful:

  • provide visual cues or prompts to aid memory of visual learners
  • help visual learners by providing a visual cue at the same time as another learning style cue (such as auditory or kinesthetic)
  • provide visual learners with displays of information that they can take in as their eyes stroll around the room while you are speaking (posters, displays, language learning tip sheets)
  • provide extensive practise and recall opportunities to encourage learners to consolidate their learning into their long term memory, regardless of the learning styles they prefer
  • talk to students about learning styles, and making them aware of the different ways that people often prefer to take in information
  • remember that any good lesson, regardless of learning styles, includes reminders about what has been covered previously, an outline of upcoming content, and ample revision and practise of skills.


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