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‘If my Son was a Dog, I’d Have him Put Down’: Mother of ADHD Child

May 22, 2013


No, it is true that I don’t know what it’s like to live with a violent ADHD child and it is equally true that I shouldn’t judge other parents, but I can’t help being repelled when I hear a mother speak this way about her child:

A  mother has described the torment of having a son with severe ADHD, admitting that if he were an animal, she would have him put down.

Jenny Young has four children aged 25, 23, 19 and 10 and astonishingly, not only have they all been diagnosed with the behavioural disorder, but she too was told she had it in her mid-forties.

But it is her youngest child Ryan, 10, who suffers with the most extreme symptoms of the condition as well as severe learning disabilities, subjecting Jenny to daily violent attacks.

She said that because she is his mother, and not a pet owner, she must put up with it.


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