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Very Concerning Vaccination Trends

January 17, 2020

I am completely pro-vaccination. I believe the anti-vax view risks young lives and must, therefore, be refuted.

My side seems to be losing. Below are some very disturbing trends published by Gallop:


Percentage of Americans who believe it’s important parents vaccinate their children.

2001: 94%

2015: 84%

2019: 84%


46% unsure whether vaccines cause autism

45% say no

10% say yes


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The Lunacy of the Chicken Pox-Infected Lollipop Craze

November 13, 2011

How bad do you have to be as a parent to even entertain trying to get a hold of a lollypop laced with the chicken pox disease?  What in the world is going on with some parents nowadays?

A federal prosecutor is warning parents against trading chicken pox-laced lollipops by mail in what authorities describe as misguided attempts to expose their children to the virus to build immunity later in life.

The warning came after media reports surfaced about a multi-state ring of parents, wary of vaccinations that prevent the disease, who were swapping lollipops licked by a sick child in a modern day incarnation of a chicken pox party.

In those so-called parties, parents purposely put sick children together with healthy children in order to spread the ailment and build immunity without having the children vaccinated. This new form of party shares the disease anonymously and long-distance.

“Sending a virus or disease through the U.S. mail (and private carriers) is illegal. It doesn’t matter if it crosses state lines,” said David Boling, public information officer for the Attorney in Nashville.

“Also, it is against federal law to adulterate or tamper with consumer products, such as candy.”

The “Pox Parties” are a sick invention.  To purposely drag your child to a party of strangers suffering a contagious disease in the hope your child gets it too, is unfathomable if not downright dangerous.

But this lollipop idea is even more demented!

Parents that want to infect their kids with chicken pox so much that they are willing to buy lollipops licked by a sick child, have got to be sick themselves.

Perhaps they have already bought and tried lollipops laced with a cocktail of stupidity and foolishness, which have been licked by a host of hopeless parents.

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