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10 Gift Ideas for Children that Have Nothing to do With a Screen

December 8, 2013

For the children who could do with a little less screen time courtesy of The Huffington Post:

1. For The Homebody
modern dollhouse
Kids can get lost for hours of imaginary play with this beautiful modern doll house. If they want a house of their own, there’s this pop up castle. And if they prefer to build their own domain, you can never go wrong with Magnatiles.

2. For The Traveler
travel kit
Forgo the screens on your holiday road trip and set your kid up up with a crafty travel kit.

3. For The Free Spirit
starter kite
When your kids ask for more screen time tell them to “go fly a kite” — literally. They’ll get some fresh air, learn how to catch wind, and get to control something other than a mouse. Here’s a good starter kite and this one’s a good pick for older kids.

4. For The Writer
tiny printsCool stationery will inspire kids to write — and mail — actual thank you notes. We love this and this.

5. For The Playground Lover
jump rope
Introduce your kids to old-fashioned school-yard games with this double dutch jump rope or these old-school marbles.

6. For The Gamer
If your child complains that board games are boring — by which they mean they’re not as exciting as electronic games — give them some fast-paced ones like Bananagrams or Mancala .

7. For The Athlete
glow in dark frisbee
Tossing a frisbee with your kid can be a relaxing way to spend time together while also getting some fresh air. Try this glow in the dark one for night time fun.

8. For The Scientist
mineral science kit
This super-cool Mineral/Crystal/Fossil Set will get kids excited about non-computer science. And for older kids, this awesome kit will teach about them all about fiber optics and light technology.

9. For The Foodie
chocolate boutique
Mini-foodies will appreciate this Golden chocolate coin maker or this treat making kit. Unlike the cake decorating apps many kids are obsessed with, they can actually taste these sweet treats.

10. For The Artist
calligraphy set
For artsy types, this calligraphy set will allow them to practice writing text, instead of sending texts. And you can’t go wrong with this fabulous art kit. They can decorate the case themselves using the many colorful supplies inside.

The Toy that Stopped a Child Porn Ring

August 5, 2012

The child porn network that was exposed by a stuffed bunny rabbit:

The men came from different walks of life on two continents: a children’s puppeteer in Florida, a hotel manager in Massachusetts, an emergency medical technician in Kansas, a day care worker in the Netherlands. In all, 43 men have been arrested over the past two years in a horrific, far-flung child porn network that unraveled like a sweater with a single loose thread.

In this case, the thread was a stuffed toy bunny.

The bunny, seen in a photo of a half-naked, distraught 18-month-old boy, was used to painstakingly trace a molester to Amsterdam. From there, investigators made one arrest after another of men accused of sexually abusing children, exchanging explicit photos of the attacks and even chatting online about abducting, cooking and eating youngsters.

Authorities have identified more than 140 young victims so far and say there is no end in sight as they pore through hundreds of thousands of images found on the suspects’ computers. They are also trying to determine whether the men who talked about murder and cannibalism actually committed such acts or were just sharing twisted fantasies.

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