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Why Getting Our Kids to Toughen Up is a Flawed Theory

March 16, 2014



The push to make our children more resilient both goes against the grain of the evidence and sends the wrong message to children. Evidence suggests that children have a greater resilience than adults, yet it has been a policy for a while to get teachers to instruct their students to become more resilient. This resilience message also encourages victims of bullying to internalise their hurt rather than approaching a teacher. Any such deterrent is problematic.

Above is a brilliant clip, depicting teachers making light of hurtful comments made about them. If it wasn’t for the cameras, some of these comments would really hurt and frustrate.

Teachers, entrusted with the job of building resilience struggle with negative commentary just as much, if not more, than their students. Watch how they turn to mush when a parent criticizes them or a colleague questions their professionalism.

These are the very teachers encouraging our children to harden up and turn the other cheek.


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