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What are We Doing to Protect Our Teachers?

October 27, 2016



I want an assurance to my fellow colleagues that we are being looked after. That our protection is a top priority.

The video above depicts a student allegedly coming to the aid of his female teacher. The teacher was punched in the face by another student until this student intervenes and knocks the instigator out.

I am deeply concerned for this poor, defenseless teacher. What can she possibly do in such a situation? How can her bosses possibly assure her safety?

If I was her parent or partner, I would be begging her to resign. But she may be an extraordinary teacher. Do we really want our best teachers leaving schools who need their expertise?

How are we supposed to find the next generation of quality teachers when there is such a clear security risk associated with the profession?

Thankfully we have this footage, to remind us how defenseless we are in certain situations and how brutal being a high school teacher can be.


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