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Teacher Hires Hitman to Kill Her Student

April 16, 2015



This is not a Hollywood movie. Stories like this one reflects very badly on the millions of teachers who do their profession proud:


This is the shocking moment a teacher is filmed hiring a hitman to kill a pupil she was reportedly in love with.

Music teacher Yulia Simonova offered the killer £1,400 to ‘get rid’ of the 15-year-old student, according to Russian media reports.

But Simonova, who worked in the Russian city of Shatura, near the capital Moscow, was caught out in a police sting operation.

The 52-year-old was detained after she attempted to hand over payment for the alleged hit.

An undercover policeman pretending to be a killer met with the jealous teacher and filmed the entire exchange on hidden camera, police claim.

She now faces a 15 year jail sentence if found guilty.

Ms Simonova reportedly saved up for an entire year to pay for the hit. Her plan was discovered when the martial arts instructor she asked to do the job contacted police.

In the hidden camera video, the teacher makes it clear she wants the boy to suffer badly and die slowly.


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