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Why I Believe Classrooms Should Be Fitted With Video Cameras

May 19, 2014



I know I’m alone on this one.

My colleagues have let me know in no uncertain terms that I must have rocks in my head for supporting such an initiative, but it is my position that we would be better off having our lessons filmed by cctv cameras.

One interesting point from the recent Barb Williams story (video available above) is how brilliant it was that there were cameras in the hallways capturing her unacceptable treatment of the young child. What if there was no footage? How then, would we have drawn attention to her actions?

The following are reasons for my position regarding cameras in the classroom:

1. Why shouldn’t improper actions by teachers be uncovered? If you are a good, or even an adequate teacher you have nothing to worry about, but if you are a danger to your students or you are inappropriate, you will be caught and sanctioned accordingly.

2. There are rising concerns over false reporting of teacher abuse. Cameras in the classrooms will deter students from making up or exaggerating stories and there will be proof for those that have a valid case. Documentary evidence will prevent the difficult situation of “his word against mine.”

3. This initiative will deter students from misbehaving and will also deter teachers from making poor decisions.

4. Some will talk about the need for privacy. Who needs privacy? Privacy from whom? This isn’t going to be streamed on the net, it is going to be available to superiors who will use it to protect those that are entitled to protection.

5. Teachers wont like it, but our primary focus is the wellbeing of our students. When analysing the benefits of any education initiative, the impact it would have on students is paramount. If this will protect vulnerable students surely its worthwhile regardless of what teachers think.

6. This would be extremely effective in regards to children with disabilities and others that wouldn’t be able to properly convey a case of impropriety against a teacher.


I realise I am alone on this one but I can’t help but think of all the cases of abuse that we are unaware of because it goes unreported or cannot be proven.


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Teacher Suspended for 10 Days for Grabbing a 6-Year-Old By the Neck (Video)

May 18, 2014


barb williams

How is this a fair and reasonable punishment for what this teacher did? What kind of deterrent is a 10 day holiday for this appalling behaviour? And I have to ask this question, if it were a male teacher that did this, would he have got off so lightly?


An Ohio kindergarten teacher has been suspended for ten days after surveillance video appeared to show her grabbing a six-year-old boy by his neck.

The boy’s parents, Anthony and Autumn Nelson, were shocked at the school’s response to the footage, which showed their son Ian being lifted off the ground by his shirt collar.

Teacher Barb Williams was put on unpaid leave, but the Nelsons are calling on her to be fired from the school district where she has taught for 14 years.

Williams is seen on surveillance footage appearing to confront Ian as he comes out of a bathroom at Riverdale School.

As the little boy walks out of the bathroom, Williams allegedly grabs him and lifts Ian in front of a wall.

The teacher then appears to grab him by the throat, tilting his head back and forcing him off his feet.

In another shot, Williams appears to have grabbed the boy’s shirt and used that to lift the terrified boy off the ground.

‘We thought it was just a little incident that happened.That’s what the school made it sound like. All of a sudden, we get this video today and this is just outrageous,’ Mr Nelson said.

The incident came to light when a member of staff at Riverdale Schools in Hancock County reported Wiliams.

Seeing the way their child, who was left bruised, had been treated has been upsetting for the Nelsons, who were given a copy of the footage by the school on May 7.

 ‘I just started crying. I burst out in tears. I called my mom. I called his mom,’ Mrs Nelson said. 

She and her husband were shocked by the school’s reaction however, and are demanding that Williams be fired.

The unpaid suspension will end just as the school breaks up for the summer vacation.  


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