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Why Schools Shouldn’t Block YouTube

February 25, 2015


I use YouTube across the curriculum. From supporting me in teaching a writing skill or a math concept, YouTube is invaluable. It pains me to hear that it is banned in many schools. Whilst I understand that not everything on YouTube is appropriate for kids, as long as there is proper supervision taking place, I believe the good outweighs the bad. The following are some compelling reasons for embracing YouTube as a learning tool:

1. YouTube is a fresh and engaging way of learning. Think about how much better it is teaching poetry with poetry recitals from some of our best known and respected performers, rather than just the classroom teacher!

2. It allows teachers to broadcast class movies under a safe, privately locked format.

3. Teachers can compile playlists full of great educational clips for their students to enjoy.

4. YouTube is brilliant at helping us troubleshoot. Whether it is learning how to use a computer program, cook a recipe or edit a movie, YouTube is a visual tool for helping us all develop new skill sets.


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