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The Kids Who Have to Climb Up a Cliff to Get to School (Pictures)

April 16, 2013

Children climb the ladders to get to school in Hunan province, China

After reading this article I wont complain about getting stuck in traffic on the way to school ever again!

These schoolchildren in southern China are so keen to get to school that they make the perilous journey on narrow wooden ladders every day, with no safety precautions.

Their village in the remote Badagong mountains in Sangzhi county is surrounded by sheer drops on every side, making the school run a daily struggle.

The only way out of Zhang Jiawan village, unless the children have time for a four-hour cross country detour, is via a series of rickety-looking ladders leading down to the valley below.

This little girl balances her three bags leaving her only one hand to scale the mountain to get to school

Staff at the school face a difficult commute to work on the enormous wooden ladders

A schoolgirl holds the ladder for others to come up safely behind her

5-year-old Yu Xinxin, who climbs the ladders to school every day, before she sets off on her long morning journey

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