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When the School Bus Mirrors a War Zone (Video)

August 31, 2012

I think it’s highly appropriate for the police to take incidents featuring physical bullying like the one above very seriously:

The argument on a Franklin Township school bus wasn’t particularly unusual. One student had taken a seat that another wanted for himself.

But to Lora Hoagland, what followed was horrifying — a 15-year-old attacking her younger, smaller son for nearly a full minute, the image captured on a cellphone video taken by another student on the bus as it left the parking lot at Franklin Township Middle School East on Wednesday afternoon.

The video, posted to Facebook, was cited by Franklin Township Schools Police in arresting the 15-year-old on preliminary charges of battery with injury and disorderly conduct. It also has left Hoagland with doubts about the safety of her two children, both students in Franklin Township.

She didn’t send either of them to school Friday, likening the scene on the bus to a war zone.

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