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Meet the School With Paid Staff But No Students

December 4, 2014


With all the under resourced and under staffed schools that exist, one wonders how this situation could ever have been allowed to happen:


Like all schools, it has a head teacher, governors, and a caretaker.

But unlike any other school, Llanfynydd Primary has not a single pupil.

The “phantom” village school near Carmarthen in South Wales remains open despite this, and will remain so for another seven months.

Red tape means it cannot be closed for lessons even though all 11 pupils have left for other school.

No children have been taught there since last July, when it cost taxpayers £50,000 to run.

But the “statutory process” by the Labour-led Welsh government dictates that it cannot officially close until a consultation has been carried and a formal decision is made.

The consultation on the closure of the school began in 2012 after it was hit by falling pupil numbers in a village with a population of 580.

At the beginning of the spring term last year, there were 16 pupils being taught at the school, but that fell to 11 by the beginning of the autumn term.

The remaining children were then removed by their parents and sent to other schools rather than waiting for Llanfynydd to close.

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