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Problem Kids, Suspensions and Revolving Doors

July 25, 2012

There seems to be a consensus among our Principals that if a methodology is found to be fatally flawed, try it again until it works.

Handing suspensions to unruly students used to work – in the 80’s.

We are not in the 80’s anymore. Times have changed and suspensions are useless in the current climate. The pattern of suspending kids only to see them return to their old ways within days (if not minutes) is a reflection of how hopeless this strategy is.

So, when I read that eighty-nine British primary students aged between 5 and 11 are being suspended every day, I can’t help but ask – Is that mode of punishment working for you?

Around 89 primary school children are being suspended daily for attacking their teachers and classmates.

Youngsters aged between five and 11 were ordered out of the classroom each day for assaults, racial abuse and threatening behaviour in 2010/11, shocking statistics show.

In total,a staggering 850 children of all ages are given fixed term expulsions every day for assaulting or verbally abusing their classmates and teachers.

I love the expression ‘fixed term expulsions’ – it sounds like a bank transaction. I wonder what the interest is on it.

If this is the only approach Principals are willing to take the system is doomed to failure!

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