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Why Patience is a Key Quality for a Teacher

October 12, 2012


Every teacher has either been on the verge of exploding or fallen over the edge. It’s a highly stressful job where you find your patience tested every day. Without the required level of patience and self-control things can go horribly wrong.

If there is one attribute that teachers should continue to work on it’s an ability to remain calm in a crisis and not let the heat of the moment affect their judgement.

A teacher is facing the sack after being accused of assaulting two of her students by throwing a desk at them.

Kimberly Price admitted to police she ‘saw red’ during the violent confrontation with two 14-year-old girls.

One girl suffered a broken wrist after being hit by the desk after it was allegedly hurled across the classroom.

The other suffered concussion after being punched in the face and choked as Price held her down, she claims.

The 34-year-old eighth grade science teacher was arrested on Tuesday after handing herself in to police in Quincy, Florida.

School chiefs at James A Shanks Middle School have suspended Price indefinitely.

She will be recommended for termination at the next Gadsden County school board meeting, according to Shaia Beckwith-James, spokeswoman for the school district.

The alleged classroom brawl took place a week ago with an arrest affidavit revealing details of the shocking fight.

Price is alleged to have thrown a pen at a student leading to an argument with the 14 year old.

But before the pair came to blows, another student in the class claimed Price said, ‘that little dirty (expletive) ain’t gonna mess up my shirt.’After the pen was thrown students say Price ‘picked up a desk and threw the desk at the victim.’


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