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Oops, We Seem to Have Lost Your Exams

July 31, 2012

I am a little absent-minded myself, but this is slightly more serious than misplacing your car keys.

Doing those blasted standardised tests once is bad enough. Imagine having to go through the whole process again!

More than a dozen New York City students will have to retake state mandated standardized exams after the city lost their answer sheets.

Students at Brooklyn’s Franklin D. Roosevelt High School’s night school are already considered at risk of dropping out. The program helps struggling students work toward graduation, but the mix-up is affecting 17 students, whose answer sheets were not included in a packing list to be scored, NY1 reports.

The city doesn’t know what happened to the U.S. history exams, which disappeared as they were being transferred to another school as part of an effort to curb cheating by having teachers grade exams for students at other schools. About 107,000 tests from 162 schools were exchanged for grading, according to The Wall Street Journal, and are required for graduation.

Four students were not able to graduate on time as a direct result of the missing answer sheets, while the other students still had other requirements to meet. They must retake the exam during the August test administration.

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