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It is Refreshing When a Teacher Shows His ‘Human’ Side

January 12, 2014

On of the biggest issues I have with the current teacher training courses is the philosophy that teachers need to avoid emotional involvement with their students. To me, avoiding emotional involvement is akin to being emotionally distant. In University we were told not to smile in the first term of the year and we were warned that students are looking to befriend their teacher as a means of reducing their power and exploiting them.

This is of course complete rubbish. Teachers should be encouraged to connect with their students and should always make an effort to be approachable and easy to relate to. I couldn’t bear teaching if it meant I was unable to smile. And I may be naive, but I don’t see my students as schemers, but rather promising young individuals with a lot going for them.

I love the video above, because it reinforces the notion that a teacher can be respected for taking the time to connect with his students. Even if it makes him look a bit silly.

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