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Dealing Softly with Bad Teachers Sends the Wrong Message to Students

August 28, 2014


Our impressionable students need to understand the importance of taking responsibility for one’s actions. When they see us do something terrible, yet get nothing more than a reprimand, it sends the message that one can always say “sorry” and it will go away.

But sorry doesn’t always cut it. It certainly shouldn’t have been enough to let this reluctant teacher keep her job:


On her Twitter feed, a Newark Memorial High School teacher described in explicit terms her desires for her students. She wanted to pour coffee on them. She wanted to stab them. Some of them, she said, “make my trigger finger itchy.”

Alerted by one of her colleagues to the tweets — which are laced with profanity and racist remarks — the district disciplined teacher Krista Hodges with a written reprimand, and she continues to teach. Hodges has apologized, saying she meant none of it seriously. But some in the school community are stunned by the turn of events, given the alarming sentiments the teacher expressed.

mrs hodges


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