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Students Set-Up Their Teacher and Destroy Her Career

May 31, 2012

Just because young Julie Warning was framed for having a relationship with a student doesn’t in any way excuse her behaviour. It was extremely mean-spirited and heartless for Eric Arty and his friends to collect bets on who would successfully be the first to kiss her, but regardless, a great deal more is expected of teachers than to be involved personally with a student.

Over the course of the next few days there will be a lot written about Julie Warning, yet, possibly not enough criticism levelled at Eric Arty and his friends. Their role in this saga should not go unpunished. Their bet was quite shocking and should not be tolerated by the school hierarchy. They should be expelled for their little gambling venture.

Expelled? But they were just being kids?

They were exhibiting behaviour which was quite misogynistic, terribly destructive to a young woman’s reputation and career and downright immoral.

Keeping them at the school will not only give the school a bad name, but will turn these pranksters into heroes and celebrities among the student body. This is not an acceptable outcome.

A high school teacher filmed in a passionate embrace with a pupil fell victim to a $500 bet between five friends about who could kiss her first, it emerged today.

Eric Arty, 18, beat his friends to the jackpot after the student and four friends put in $100 for a race to romance their global studies teacher Julie Warning, 26.

Andrew Cabrera, a junior at Manhattan Theater Lab HS, where Warning worked until Tuesday, told the New York Post: ‘It was a bet with a group of his friends. They gave him the $500 [pot].’

Speaking about Arty’s seduction, he said: ‘He would go after class and basically try to seduce her.

‘I don’t know if she knew [about the bet]. They were all trying to get with her.

‘One of his [Arty’s] friends flirted with her more than anyone — I thought he would be the one, but Eric came out of nowhere and got her.’

The affair was revealed yesterday by The New York Post — which ran a front-page picture of the pair kissing on Friday at Bleecker Playground in Greenwich Village and published the video online.

The case has been turned over to the Department of Education Special Commissioner of Investigations and Warning was reassigned.

However, school officials said Warning did not report to her new job yesterday and could not be reached for comment.

Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott said: ‘It’s my understanding that she did not show up to her reassignment center.

‘So we’ll do more investigating on why she hasn’t shown up.’


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