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The Love a Child Has for Their Parents Cannot be Properly Measured

December 19, 2015



Children today are depicted as ungrateful and selfish, but are they really?

I would argue that there is a love, respect and gratitude that constantly goes unrecognised.

Take the clip above for example:


This time of year often focuses on what children put on their wish lists for Santa. But in a tearjerking video, a group of kids from low-income backgrounds show the power of giving during the holidays.

UPtv asked kids from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta what they wanted for Christmas, and they named gifts like Minecraft Legos, an Xbox 360, and a Barbie house. Then the kids were asked what their parents would want for Christmas, and they listed items like a coffeemaker, jewelry and a new TV. 

Later, each child received the gifts he or she asked for, as well as the one suggested for the parents. But there was a catch: they had to choose which of the two gifts to keep. 

Their responses were beautifully inspiring. “Legos don’t matter. Your family matters,” said one little boy. “They look out for me and do stuff for me, so I need to give back to them,” added another.

But, as the video shows, their gratitude was powerful.


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