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Girl’s Hilarious Attempt at Getting a Day Off School

January 4, 2016


Telling lies and committing forgery wouldn’t usually be something to savour, but somehow I see a young creative genius primed for a life of creativity and ingenuity:


As the holiday season slowly comes to a close around the world, one little girl is determined to hold off on going back to school for as long as she can. 

A social media user has shared the handy work of her little girl Cara, who handed her parents a letter ‘from the school’ that she ‘found in the letterbox’.

The amusing note was cleverly written in two different colours – black for the information and blue for her signature – and completed with a pink princess stamp to keep it looking as realistic as possible.

‘My daughter got the mail today (it’s Sunday), apparently they have another week off school,’ the mother wrote on Reddit

‘The school compnay is taking a brake so the kids will get one more week of school off and we will need your child to sign their name here [sic],’ the note read. 

The letter then concluded with a line for a signature and a green arrow to keep it looking authentic.

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