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The Type of Teacher We Should be Glad to See Punished

March 30, 2014

Marylou Addona

As much a I don’t like the practice of filming a teacher in class, sometimes the footage proves extremely useful in getting rid of destructive and incompetent teachers,

Here is a possible case in point:

A Connecticut teacher is on leave and under investigation after she was allegedly caught on tape threatening and belittling one of her eighth grade students.

“I’m going to punch him right in the face and break that glass in his eye,” Marylou Addona was allegedly caught on a recording saying, according to the school district.

WFSB-TV reported that the exchange was recorded on a student’s iPod. The Duggan Elementary School teacher was reportedly unaware she was being recorded.

“I can’t stand the crybaby,” Addona allegedly said.

The recording captured another alleged conversation the teacher had with a student.

“I heard you had an attitude today too. Is that true? What’s your name anyway,” Addona allegedly said.

“Blake,” the student replied.

“Blake. What kind of name is Blake? Irish, Italian, French, what are you? White? You think you’re cool with that name Blake, huh,” Addona allegedly answered.

While the district is using the recordings as part of their investigation, the mother of the student who made them told WFSB-TV that her son is now being retaliated against from school officials. She told the local news station that she is documenting everything and will file a report of it continues.


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