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It Used to be Called a Tantrum

July 4, 2012

Well done! You have taken another natural, everyday expression of emotion and turned it into a condition. I’m sure the pharmaceutical companies are licking their lips at the prospect of manufacturing another type of cocaine-like  pill for our latest condition – “Intermittent Explosive Disorder“:

Around the age of 12 or earlier, many kids — just over 5% of all adolescents between the ages of 13 and 17, according to a new study — report that they have  suffered attacks of anger that are destructive, frightening and wildly out of proportion to any provocation.

The abbreviation for Intermittent Explosive Disorder — IED — is particularly apt for these kids:

IED is also seen in adults. But it appears to be more widespread in adolescents, and the current study suggests that early adolescence (age 12) is where it most commonly starts.

Although a precise definition of this disorder has not been established, the authors of the latest study queried a total of 6,483 teens and their parents about the number  of disproportionate “anger attacks” the child had had in the past month, the past year, or ever. They also gathered information on what kind of behavior resulted — say, verbal threats, physical menacing or a rampage of throwing and breaking — and whether it resulted in the need for medical attention or the destruction of property worth more than a few dollars.

This makes me so angry! I think I’ve come down with SOSCED (sick of seeing children exploited disorder)!

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