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When Something Doesn’t Work – Try Again Until it Does

July 1, 2012

When it comes to disciplining students who are continually getting into trouble, Principals suffer from an extreme case of memory loss. The standard punishment of granting suspensions hasn’t worked and is unlikely to work in the future.

So what is the standard reaction to students that continue to offend? Suspend them again!

THE state’s worst students are being suspended at least once every three weeks.

Data reveals 90 misbehaving students were sent home from school 16 or more times in 2011 and another 16 were suspended between 11 and 15 times throughout the year.

The Education Department said the primary and secondary school children were sent home for between one and 10 days.

State School Teachers Union president Anne Gisborne said mainstream schools did not have the resources to cope with recidivist students.

“We do have a number of children within our system who are obviously stretching the capacity of the school to respond to their needs,” she said.

The number of suspensions issued for “negative behaviour”, such as disrupting lessons or back-chatting a teacher, have surged almost 50 per cent in five years. Just more than 1600 suspensions were handed out for such behaviour last year, compared to 1082 in 2007.

Suspensions for breaking school rules, such as not wearing a uniform or using a mobile phone in class rose 30 per cent. More than 7100 were issued last year, compared to 5453 in 2007.

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