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Elton John is Right About Music in Schools

January 14, 2020


I read a report that links music skills with math. Kids that learn to play music make startling progress in mathematics. This report completely dismisses the argument that music is merely an expendable extra-curricular activity.

Elton John is of course right to rail against plans to diminish the scope and importance of music at school level:

There was a rather lovely moment during the Q&A when four of those students stood up and spoke about what they had achieved thanks to their star sponsor. This of course begged the question: what does Elton make of the dwindling presence of music in today’s schools?

“Music was one of the few O Levels I managed to get,” Sir Elton tells Tim.

“A lot of schools [now] have taken music out of the curriculum and I find that really appalling, because music is so inspiring and for kids that have the ability or want to play music, there’s no outlet for this in schools anymore. It’s tragic.”


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