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Schools Pick and Choose What They Implement

December 22, 2013





Another tragic death from a needless school shooting. And what is the response? Further security protocols. The call to arm teachers.

Why is it that countries always borrow from other countries when it comes to mimicking academic achievement, but not when it comes to other crucial aspects of school life? I hear a lot about implementing the Finish model of education to try and garner similar results. But what about copying from a country that has had very few violent related school incidents?

Take Australia for instance. Since Australia implemented its strict gun laws which involved a tax payer funded gun buy-back scheme, we have seen no gun violence in our schools that I am aware of.

Of course change is much harder for the US because of gun rights in its constitution.

But how many school deaths do we tolerate before we make a change that is crying out to be made. They say guns don’t kill people, people do.

Tell that baloney to the poor parents of a gun victim!


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