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Charity Pays for Teen’s Plastic Surgery to Help Stop Bullying

July 30, 2012

Plastic surgery will never be the answer to bullying. It only sends the message that the bullies were justified in picking on a child with big ears or a hook nose. It says that unless you do something about your looks you deserve the bullying that comes your way:

Nadia Ilse is looking forward to the new school year, when she will no longer be called “Dumbo” by her peers for her “elephant ears.”

To ward off school bullies who began taunting her in the first grade for her ears, Nadia begged her mother at the age of 10 for an otoplasty — an operation to pin her ears back.

The teen, now 14, was recently granted her wish by the Little Baby Face Foundation, a charity that provides free corrective surgery to children born with facial deformities.

Nadia told CNN that the bullying turned her talkative self into a withdrawn, antisocial girl. The taunting “hurt so much,” she told CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

When the Little Baby Face Foundation was contacted by Nadia’s mother, the organization brought the duo to New York City from Georgia and did more than just pin her ears back. The organization’s founder, Dr. Thomas Romo, III. also performed reduction rhinoplasty, reducing the size of the nose, and mentoplasty, altering the chin.

The foundation covered the estimated $40,000 cost of surgery.

I worry about the message sent here. Girls have such a hard time dealing with body image issues. Plastic surgery shouldn’t be the answer to bullying – teacher intervention should.

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