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Teacher Strip Searches Students in a Bid to Catch them Cheating

May 28, 2013


I abhor cheating of any kind, but there are some things I detest even more than cheating, such as humiliation and abuse:

High school students suspected of cheating on final exams were subjected to a strip-search by their teacher who was looking for a missing cell phone.

An internal investigation is underway at Cap-Jeunesse High School, in Saint-Jerome, Quebec, regarding the May 24 incident which involved 28 students.

According to reports, during a math exam, the teacher asked all the students to hand in their cellphones to avoid cheating.

When it was discovered that one was missing, she allegedly stopped the exam and ordered each girl into another room where they were strip searched, according to reports.

One teenage girl, who did not want to be named, told QMI Agency: ‘They put us in a small room. They said “take off your bra, then raise your arms”. They even tapped us on the back.’

The school board said the principal was not told of the incident.

The parents of the students involved were later contacted and the situation was explained.

Spokeswoman for the school Nadyne Brochu told Sun News that it was a ‘disproportionate action under the circumstances’.

The school board said  that ‘the decision seemed best’ to the teacher at that time but later acknowledged she ‘lacked judgement’.

They also acknowledged that the ‘climate was not conducive to a good test’ so they were allowed to retake the test if they wanted.

It is not known if any of the teachers involved will face disciplinary action.

‘Disproportionate action’? “Lacking judgement’? Talk about an understatement! If I was the parent of one of these students I would take legal action.

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