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Not Giving Homework May be a Bigger Waste

January 27, 2016



Whilst we would all love to believe that a homework free child will use the extra time to play imaginatively. get some physical exercise in the back yard and contribute to the running of the household, this is clearly not the norm.

I am not an advocate for giving homework, but at the same time, I realise that revising the skills learned in class over the course of the week may be more beneficial than giving children the extra time to waste in front of a screen.

It seems my colleagues are split when it comes to the benefits of homework:


STUDENTS love to complain about it, and only half of teachers feel homework is “critically important” to children’s development.

But just 32 per cent of primary teachers believe their students have too much work after hours, compared with 22 per cent of high school teachers.

Catholic primary educators were the most concerned about the workload, with 40 per cent thinking it is too high.

One in five state secondary principals felt students did too much homework, compared with 31 per cent at independent schools and 30 per cent at Catholic.

Mill Park Heights Primary principal Deborah Patterson said she was more interested in students learning creatively at home, like helping with the cooking, cleaning and shopping, and playing outdoors.

“Research is showing kids should be more active, out there playing and doing as much as they can,” she said.


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